The ARIES Industries group development is based on a clear and strong Corporate Social Responsibility strategy.

Since 15 years, our group has actively developed numerous technological solutions allowing significant material and energy savings in the manufacturing of aerospace elementary parts. Technologies such as Hot Forming (HF), Hot Stretch Forming (HSF) and Linear Friction Welding (LFW), have allowed the replacement of traditional techniques by developing solutions where the semi-finished part is much closer to the final parts therefore using far less incoming material and machining time and energy. The CO2 emission gains obtained are very significant due to the enormous energy quantities that have to be used in the transformation of the titanium and in the milling operation thereafter.

The ARIES Industries commitment to develop these solution is totally in line with the global aerospace industry transformation needs towards a decarbonation that is necessary for the future of our environment.

The company has undertaken since a long time an environmental management approach and has been ISO 14001 certified since 2014.


Representative exemple of Linear Friction Application